DanglesTV aka Nic

Nic is the Founder and Lead Broadcaster for DanglesTV. With over a decade of IT and Multimedia design experience, Nic enjoys using his knowledge to deliver the best quality content possible. He’s been working as a content creator for some time now but has only gotten serious about streaming on Twitch in late 2017.

As for games, Nic enjoys a variety of genres but mostly focuses on First-Person Shooters, Looter Shooters and Battle Royale games.



Lead Moderator and Admin at DanglesTV. Rock Star Mod. Dangles’ Step-Brother. Only plays games on Xbox…(Don’t worry, he’ll be on PC soon)


Huge Channel Supporter turned Moderator. CarolinaDays has been here since the early days of the channel and has been nothing but supportive.


Loves Cats. Obsessed with Stardew Valley. Dangles’ girlfriend. Occasionally is allowed to stream on the main channel. Also known as Lady Dangles. 


Blue Hair. Nerd. Enjoys Animal Crossing. Very Shy.


Thinks Call of Duty is the best. Is wrong. Loves Dad jokes.


Mother by Day, Gamer by Night. Would marry Dwight Schrute.